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We provide an Islamic education centre; in 2006/2007 we enrolled 218 participants; 110 girls and 108 boys. In 2008/2009 there are 300 participants, in addition there is a waiting list of a further 300 people for all classes from primary year 1 to intermediate year 3. We have 15 teachers and Assistants who work to a recognised syllabus known as the Islamic Education Standard; the current pass rate is above 84% Education and learning, especially in the deprived neighbourhoods of Southwark is essential to raising aspirations and generating opportunities for young people; this is recognised by the Government who this week produced a paper called ‘Fair Access to Professions’ seeking to remove the barriers that parts of the population experience that serve to exclude them from the professions. For more information please visit Markaz website....... www.markaz.manuk.org