Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre
Welcome to MAN UK

Our organisation is an integral of the Nigerian and UK wide Muslim Community, with a charity registration.

Our activities are based at Old Kent Road Islamic Cultural Centre, located in South Bermondsey of London Borough of Southwark, in the South East of London. The Centre brings together Muslims of all races, social and economic background. It is also rallying point for visiting Nigerian Muslims to London especially in the summer when they all gravitate to the Mosque on Fridays.

We are currently working at acquiring a land along Old Kent Road to enable enhancement of the services we currently provide which is restricted as result of limited facilities at Old Kent Road Islamic Cultural Centre. The new centre when fully operational would be a purposely built Islamic Cultural Centre, with ample facilities bi iddnillah, and would be named New Old Kent Road Islamic Centre. We need your financial support to make this a reality.

The Centre is located at 365, Old Kent Road, London SE1 5JH.